A Word FROM the office

A Word from the Office: Our trip is three-fourth complete! This journey about love has taken us to several side roads. The side roads lead back to the main highway. The main highway connects us to several main points about “Love” that we need to know about. 1. Love helps in connecting with the Supreme Power. If the world had been ruled by “haters,” and love weren’t in existence, then would it be possible for humans to have found eternal peace and enlightenment? Not at all, for love is the only emotion that helps in connecting with the Supreme Power! It is the love that the Almighty has for his children and we, as children have for the Almighty that has helped in the survival of mankind. Also, it is through the virtue of this emotion that we have been bestowed over with mercy and grace by the omnipotent and omnipresent Divinity. 2. Peace and Prosperity. Image a world without love? Well, first of all, there would be no world at all, for war and violence would have taken care of that and if, at all, there would be something left, it would also be preparing itself for the nth World War. Love helps maintain peace and prosperity and thus, ensures living. It attaches people with the peaceful sentiment and gets rid of negative emotions like violence, aggression, brutality and hostility. It is only when people are not surrounded by love in their life that they turn hostile. Tune in next week for “What we do with Love.” The Office