Our Purpose

   The purpose of the Helen Street Church of Christ is to glorify God by bringing souls to Christ, motivating one another to spiritual maturity, and equipping members for lifelong service in the Fayetteville community and beyond.  

Our Ministry Goals

Glorifying God in our worship.
Achieve individual fellowship with God.
Attain Christ-centered relationships with one another.
Fulfill God’s plan for Christ-centered marriages.
Teach our children Christian values and the way to salvation.
Achieve 100% membership involvement in ministry
Stewardship in meeting the physical needs of the household of faith and in areas of outreach.

Our Vision

The world is perishing in darkness and we are the light. (Matthew 5:14)

   As a church, we are prepared to use any methods that are Biblically sound and culturally relevant to reach out into the darkness and help those who respond to become more like Jesus.

   We love our community and look forward to a time when we are as well-known as any institution in Fayetteville.

   We recognize that a great commitment to being a great church makes us a prime target for our enemy the devil and that he wants to destroy us (I Peter 5:8).  Therefore we are primarily concerned with our own house: walking daily with Jesus, growing healthy relationships, building strong marriages and bringing up our own children in the Lord.  We reach IN first..... but we reach OUT always.

   Our desire is for every Christian to grow to greater maturity during his or her time with us.  It is our dream to export mature citizens for God''s Kingdom to every region of our nation and every corner of the earth. 

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Elders, Deacons, Preacher: Alan Smith,   Associate Preacher:  Wes Balmer,   Counselor:  Sam Heastie

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